Good flooring can make or break a building.

It is the foundation, after all, and flooring that’s made out of cheap materials or isn’t installed correctly is just asking for trouble. From mezzanines to the entire construction, your industrial flooring solutions need to be kept up to snuff if the rest of the building is to follow suit. The flooring industry is doing pretty well lately, but actually taking advantage of your options means becoming familiar with the differences between wood and metal. Which conveyor platform is best for your project? Should you look into module flooring?

Ask the right questions now and enjoy the payoff later.

The American Flooring Market Today

Your options are looking good. Not only will your mezzanines be properly fitted, you can enjoy plenty of varied options to compliment even the tallest of orders. The American flooring market has grown by 3% since 2016, garnering a total revenue of $22 billion across all sectors. There are over 128,000 flooring businesses stretched across the United States providing homeowners, businessowners and designers the materials they need to build a strong foundation of their own. Additionally, just 5% of flooring manufacturers sell directly to consumers.

Future Of The Flooring Industry

What will floor decking look like over the coming years? Let’s find out with some good, old-fashioned statistics. Commercial buildings account for around 35% of the total flooring market. Reaching a peak of $25 billion in sales in 2006, it might be yet to break that record, but it certainly isn’t for lack of trying. Homeowners are eager for longer lasting flooring options and businessowners want to make sure their investment is dazzling both building inspectors and customers. Keeping track of the basics is your first order of business when choosing floor systems.

Must-Haves For Any Flooring Design

While flooring comes in plenty of different designs and textures, there are a few must-haves that need to be adhered to at all times. The four key factors that drive the floor protection industry, in particular, are improved comfort, durability, ease of cleaning and water resistance. Missing out on just one of these can cost you a lot of money in extra labor and lost customers. Mezzanine floor systems decorate everything from malls to museums, so you won’t have to look very hard to find the industrial engineered flooring of your dreams.

Protection For Wood Paneling

Wood paneling exists in an interesting limbo between being old-fashioned and a modern staple. Floor systems are constantly utilizing a combination between varnishes and clever layering techniques to keep your investment impermeable. The year 2016 was a good year for flooring contractors, seeing a 40% growth in consultation, installation and repair. Maintenance involves both regularly utilizing cleaning services throughout the week (or daily, depending on how often your flooring is used) while reaching out to professionals at the nearest sign of a complication.

Choosing The Very Best In Floor Decking Systems

It’s time for some review so your mezzanines can wow everyone who comes in contact with them. Your flooring needs to not just be polished, but durable, holding up to steady foot traffic and condensation alike. Whether or not they’re established outside or inside will also impact what kind of protection you’ll be using. This can range from a powerful varnish that needs to be reapplied every year to a thick carpet that should be cleaned regularly to prevent indoor air pollution. You want it, you got it.

Engineered wood mezzanine is a staple for a reason. Settle for nothing but the best for your building.