Maintenance, Cleaning and Repair

If you are the owner of a Taylor ice cream machine, hopefully you are already aware of the importance of keeping it clean and running smoothly. A well-maintained soft serve machine means you won’t need to run off in search of Taylor parts on the absolute hottest day in the middle of July because your ice cream machine broke down, leaving you a long line of unhappy customers and less money in your register.

Keeping your machine clean and functioning properly also serves to ensure you won’t need to search for another Taylor ice cream machine for sale. As the machines can be quite expensive, the better option is obviously to keep the same machine rather than be forced to replace one due to lack of maintenance and upkeep.

If something does happen to your machine and you are in need of repairs, with the vast amount of choices available on the internet, finding new Taylor parts for you to replace on your own is an option. Alternately, you do have the ability to search for a local third party business that can repair your machine or supply you with Taylor parts.

It is important that you and your employees are aware of the proper techniques needed to clean the many Taylor parts that make up your soft serve machine. Consult your operator’s manual or dig around on the internet to find proper instruction on how to clean and maintain your machine.

Looking to Buy?

If you’re looking to buy a new machine and aren’t sure where to start, you first need to decide on whether you want a soft-serve machine, a frozen yogurt machine, or a slushie machine. Visit the official Taylor website or trusted third-party sellers and see what is available and would suit your needs. There should be no shortage of places online for you to order a machine or Taylor parts.

If possible, talk to a customer representative or someone you know who has experience with a Taylor machine and consult about what options might be best for your or your business. There should be a number of choices available that can accommodate a variety of different locations and preferences.

Have you had any experience purchasing a Taylor machine or Taylor parts? What about working with one? Let us know in the comments below!