Everyone, no matter who they are or where they live, should consider a fire sprinkler installation service. Though it may not seem necessary at first and the hope is that you would have have need or use of it, a fire sprinkler installation service could very well save your life one day, as well as your belongings and your home.

Fires are not uncommon in residential areas and have been increasing in rate over the past few years. Take Fort Lauderdale for example, where the fire department saw an increase of more than twelve percent in fire related calls just between the years 2014 and 2015. In just 2014, there were more than five hundred calls specifically requesting service because of a fire, though there were just over two thousand calls received by the fire department in total for the duration of that year.

Though a fire can happen anywhere, there are some places where one is more likely to occur. For instance, medical facilities seem to be particularly prone to fires, with more than six thousand – nearly seven thousand – fires occurring in medical facilities across the country in the four years between 2006 and 2010. In the years since, even more medical facilities have dealt with a serious fire, with more than half of all fires in medical facilities stemming from a cooking incident. Hotels are also buildings that would hugely benefit from a fire sprinkler installation service by a fire protection company. After all, hotels around the United States reported more than fifteen fire related deaths and around one hundred and fifteen fire related injuries in just one year. For hotels, the property damage is significant as well, costing the hotel industry nearly seventy six million dollars worth of damage in just one year. High rise fires are also common in apartment buildings and offices as well as medical facilities like hospitals and hotels and motels.

Fortunately, a fire sprinkler installation service could reduce the outbreak of these fires as well as the damage they cause – both to physical structures and possessions as well as human life – by a considerable margin. For instance, there is no record of a fire that broke out in building fully equipped with fire sprinkler installations killing any more than two people, according to the National Fire Protection Association (otherwise referred to as the NFPA). It has been shown that the risk of lost life can be reduced by half when the proper fire protection services like a fire sprinkler system and other early detection devices are installed as well as fully operational.

In order for your fire sprinkler system to remain as protective as it potentially can, it is important to provide regular maintenance to it. Any necessary repairs should be made as soon as they are noticed and can usually be done by the fire sprinkler installation service that you used to install the fire sprinklers in the first place.