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Many pieces of direct mail are sent around the world every single day. Statistics show that 39% of customers try a new business because of advertising through direct mail. Many companies utilize direct mail to reach a wide range of customers, some of which don’t use a computer at all. Here are four benefits of choosing direct mail for your next marketing campaign.

  1. Sending a Physical Item

    One problem with certain forms of digital advertising is they can be missed easily. Someone on a website can scroll past an advertisement without knowing it. However, sending a piece of direct mail greatly almost guarantees your advertisement will be seen by a consumer. In a digital world, it’s nice for consumers to receive advertising that is tangible. Statistics show that almost half of millennials skip over digital ads, while only 15% of them ignore direct mail.
  2. Proven Advertising Method

    Direct mail has helped people stay connected for hundreds of years. It’s true that many houses across the world have computers that are used frequently. However, not everyone in a household prefers or knows how to use a home computer. Opening direct mail doesn’t require any computer knowledge or technical know how.
  3. Wide Range of Styles and Sizes

    You’ll find a seemingly endless range of options while utilizing direct mail. A company offering printing services will help ensure you’ve found the right style for your business. It’s common for companies to change the pieces of direct mail sent out as time goes on. You’ll find printing services can create catalogs, postcards, and much more.
  4. Easy to Afford

    It can be tough to figure out which piece of direct mail will work best for your business. Printing services will help you narrow your selection. If you feel a certain mailing campaign didn’t hit the mark, it’s affordable to send out another type of mailer. Statistics show that 92% of people prefer direct mail for help purchasing decisions.
  5. Works Well for Building Lists

    Direct mail lists allow a business to keep track of customers in an accurate manner. A business that uses direct mail knows which households are new or current customers. Printing services will allow you cater pieces of direct mail to certain members of an audience. Sending personalized email to customers helps ensure your mail campaign is a success.

In closing, there are several beneficial reasons to utilize direct mail. Many consumers prefer the feeling of receiving a tangible good, as opposed to an internet advertisement. Sending items through direct mail makes use of a communication method that has been around for hundreds of years. It’s wise to work with printing services for assistance with creating great direct mail campaigns. You’ll find these companies can help you create a wide range of styles, colors, and other direct mail choices. Utilizing direct mail is an easy to afford advertising method to reach many customers.