Custom product packaging design

You may not realize it, but there are many types of flexible packaging products on the market today which you rely on all the time! Here are just a few examples of how flexible packaging products are used all the time:

  • Sprouted pouches: These pouches are incredibly useful for transporting bulk items that would otherwise require a lot of material to package and transport.

  • Zipper packaging: Probably one of the best types of flexible packaging available today — especially for food transport and storage! These pouches help contribute to an overall savings in food waste; specifically, for every pound of flexible plastic packaging that is used to store food, around 1.7 lbs. of food is saved because it’s less at risk for contamination and spoiling.

  • Shrink sleeves: These plastic products are extremely helpful when it comes to packaging and transporting products in bulk; if the same amount of products was packaged in glass jars, for example, it would take 26 trucks to transport what just one truck could transport when plastic packaging is used. Shrink sleeves allow products to be packaged and transported safely and without much excess plastic being used, which is also a huge benefit to the environment.

  • Flat pouches: Yet another major benefit when you’re packaging and transporting items but need to be conscious about saving space. Flat pouches help keep transportation and storage costs down, regardless of whether you’re using the packaging to store important products or if you’re just storing the packaging itself for future use. These pouches are clean and professional and make it easy to store products safely.

So just how much does the flexible packaging industry influence your daily life? You might just be surprised!