Hydraulic stimulation equipment

Oil and gas is one the most lucrative and powerful industries globally. In the U.S. alone it accounts for 9.8 million jobs and 8% of the total economy. Globally, proved oil reserves have increased by 27% (350 billion barrels) over the past decade alone. There are many aspects that go into successful production of natural resources, but the primary functions occur out in the fields at drilling sites. While there are countless pieces of equipment that is used, here are 5 of the most common oil field products you’ll find at virtually every site.

    1.) Drills: The most important of all oil field products are the actual drills. You’re not going to be able to get much oil out of the ground without them. They range in size and specific function. For instance, there are offshore rigs such as drillships, semi-submersible, and jack-up rigs. Common types to find on land include augers, air core, and cable tool drilling.

    2.) Frac Tanks: Frac tanks are big storage looking units used to store water, or other liquids during the fracturing of wells. Their prevalence should only increase as about 95% of all new wells are being hydraulically fractured in the U.S. adding to the two million already doing so as of 2013, according to the Department of Energy (DOE).

    3.) Mud Pumps: These are basically plunger type tools that keep drilling fluids circulated under high pressure. Typically they consist of two main sub-assemblies: the fluid end and the power end.

    4.) Roll Off Trailers: These are the trailers that are usually used to transport other oil field products such as frac tanks. They are named for their ability to literally roll their cargo on and off with relative ease.

    5.) Vacuum Tank: These are tanks that come on the backs of vacuum trucks. They are used to pump sludge, solids, and other material from a drill site. They can either be operated by direct belt drive or hydraulic drive systems.