Chicago document shredding

It is estimated that about 95% of business information is stored in paper, so paper shredding services play a very important part in keeping business information safe, secure, and confidential. Having on site shredding services can save you time and money, while ensuring proper disposal of important documents.

Shredding Paper Can Reduce Risk of Fires

The less paper you have in your office, the less chance of it going up in flames if a fire does break out in the office. Furthermore, having large amounts of paper in the office will make it look cluttered and unorganized. A document shredding company will take all the unwanted paper out of the office while making sure it is destroyed.

Reduce Costs

A mobile shredding service may be a better option than buying a shredder, depending on the type of organization you have. Some shredders can costs hundreds or thousands of dollars to do the job right the first time. In addition, some papers may not be disposed of correctly. Leaked information can cost way more than having an on site shredding service come to your office on a regular basis. It will give you peace of mind and you can be sure your secure information is taken care of.

Environmental Friendly

Since paper is the most common material found in solid waste around the world, is a good idea to let professional companies handle the shredding and disposal. Shredded paper can be used for composting and reused as packaging material. Some on site shredding services give the option of keeping the shredding paper if you wish to reuse it.

Legal Implications

Some companies have a legal obligation to destroy documents with a shredder to protect patients and clients privacy. For example, doctors and health insurance are two types of companies who are tasked with shredding information due to state and federal laws. Check with your local government to see the legal implications of shredding or not shredding your paper documents.

Shredding Isn’t Just for Paper

If you are getting rid of a hard drive from a computer, a hard drive shredder is an important part of the disposal. Hard drives can retain large amounts of information, even after they are erased. Secure document shredding services covers hard drives to ensure any information on the drive cannot be retrieved.

Proper shredding of documents and hard drives are an important of every day business activities. On site shredding services can reduce costs while making sure your information is secure.