Fitness center cleaning

Although many Americans report caring about cleanliness, not many do much about it. According to recent surveys on workplace cleanliness, about 30% of office workers report their keyboard and phone are the most dirty part of their office but fewer than 10% actually clean them. Nearly half of the people surveyed said that their coworkers often left dirty dishes in the sink. It is too bad that they do not clean their offices because office desks can be the home for much more bacteria than resides on a toilet set. Desks can hold about 400 times the amount of bacteria than is on a toilet. Church, office and school cleaning services have become big business as a result.

While it is optimal for offices and churches to be clean, schools need to be particularly careful when looking at school cleaning services. As school budgets nationwide are cut, many turn to professional school cleaning services, which end up being more cost effective than relying on in house janitorial services.

Tips for finding a good school cleaning services company:

  1. Research all firms you are considering hiring. Look at their website, social media sites and look for reviews on sites like Yelp! and Angie?s List. Look at the comments on their Facebook page. If your locality has it, check to see if there is any mention of the company on a site where people give recommendations of local businesses. If they have not been mentioned, ask if anyone has used the company before.
  2. Get references and check them. If you can get them to give you the names of people how have used their services and can recommend the work they do. Do your due diligence and check with the people who have used and liked it. Ask for specifics about what they liked (or did not like) about the service.
  3. Verify their insurance information. If they have liability and workers? compensation insurance, get proof of the coverage. Do not take their word for anything as important as this. It cam end up costing you a lot if something happens.
  4. How are their employees vetted? Ask about their process for screening employees. It is important for office cleaning service companies and medical office cleaning service companies but is essential for companies that offer school cleaning services. You need to find out if they conduct criminal and other background checks on their employees. Ask of they conduct any drug screenings. Schools are under a much higher scrutiny level than other places. It is really important that you can tell the parents of the kids at your school that all workers have been vetted appropriately.
  5. How long has the school cleaning services company been in business? Stability says a lot about the quality of the service a company provides. A good rule to follow is to go with a business that has been around for at least three to five years. These companies have been around long enough to be able to give you real references.

Your students? health and well being is important. Schools are also breeding grounds for infectious disease. Spending some decent time researching different cleaning service companies will help you make sure you have found the best company to clean your school.