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If you own a small business, web design is extremely important for the success of your business. With consumers desiring more and more technology, you cannot overlook your website as a selling point of your business. Good web design, particularly good small business web design, requires many different attributes that will keep all of your potential customers happy. Below are a few of the most important things you need to ensure your website has.

Description of who you are and what you can do

One of the first things you want your customers to see is what your business is all about. This may be done through the use of a logo and text or just with text. You’ll want to include your business’ name, where you do business, and the types of products and/or services you can provide.

Contact information

For the best small business web design, you’ll want to make sure that all barriers are removed to find information. In other words, if you require customers to register before viewing your information, you’re driving them away. The most important thing you’ll want your customers to be able to find without boundaries is your contact information. You’ll want to make your phone number and email easily accessible. Be sure to include both a phone number and an email address as many customers prefer not to talk on the phone.

Social Media

Along with your contact information, you’ll also want to make links to your social media accounts easily accessible. Many young consumers turn to social media when deciding on a product so if your Facebook page has great reviews … be sure to provide a link on your website!

Search Engine Optimization

In order to ensure your small business has the best internet marketing, you need to look into SEO or search engine optimization. This makes sure that your website includes keywords and metatags to ensure your website comes up soon in the search results. If you aren’t familiar with this, it’s best to hire a professional as it is quite complicated.

Easy to read font and images

If your website is currently flashy and complicated, you may want to rethink your web design. Research actually shows that people prefer simplicity and ease of navigation over complicated graphics. Be sure all of your font and images are easy to read so you don’t drive customers away. Customers prefer self-explanatory websites rather than ones where they have to think

Mobile-friendly platform

One of the most important things your website can have is mobile friendly design. In other words, your website will be easy to read on all mobile devices, so no users are left trying to pan through each section of your site.

While the quality of your products and services are an important part of the success of your business, without a properly designed website, no one will ever know about them. Be sure to follow the above simple rules to draw customers in and keep them there!