Medical device manufacturing facility cleaning

American offices are dirty places. There are 10 million bacterial on the average desk. When researchers have looked at a typical office keyboard, chair and mouse, they found that there were an average of 21,000 germs per square inch. Because of all of this, it is important to have a professional cleaning service come in and take care of cleaning your office. There are some considerations you should make when you are deciding what professional cleaning services company you are going to hire.

Tips for Hiring a Cleaning Company:

  1. Talk to the other business owners and managers you know. If your business is in an office building, talk to the other businesses in the building. Talk to the management company for your space. Ask the other business owners you know. The best way to find good products and services is to get a personal recommendation from someone you trust. In a perfect world, you will get the same recommendation for a cleaning services company from more than one source independently of each other.
  2. Ask for references. When you have narrowed down your choices to a few, ask them all for references. Reputable cleaning services companies will not have a problem giving you some of their current and former clients to talk to. Talking to people who have worked with the commercial cleaning service is the best way to see what it is like. Ask more than, “do you like cleaning services company x?” Ask what it is like to work with them and if the references have any suggestions. Just because the company is a good fit for one business does not automatically mean they are a good fit for another.
  3. Look at how organized they are. You need to work out a schedule with the cleaning services company that will detail what services are provided at each visit. It is standard for the cleaning company people to work either the second or third shift. They work at this time so they can clean offices when the office workers are not working. As a consequence, you will have more peace of mind, at least at first, if you have a detailed schedule for what work they are doing and when.
  4. Ask about their staff. You need to know a few things about the staff that the cleaning services company hires. You need to ask how they find their staff, what kind of training they receive, if they do a background check on their workers and what the turnover rate is. You want to hire a professional cleaning agency who treats their workers well enough that they do not want to leave. Disgruntled workers are not effective workers. When you have people working at night, with little or no supervision, you need them to be happy and not likely to steal from your company or do a bad job.
  5. Ask about their insurance and bond status. You need the commercial cleaners to have the appropriate insurance for a few reasons. This should cover any losses you suffer if a worker breaks something or damages something. You also need them to have the right insurance so that if a worker is hurt white working in your space. You can be held legally liable if they do not have enough insurance. A security bond will also give you more peace of mind so when people you do not know are coming and going from your office when no one is there.
  6. Ask if they offer green cleaning services. This is important for a few reasons. There is the impact that many cleaning products have on the environment but green cleaning products are also healthier for you and your staff. It has been estimated that using traditional cleaning products can make the air inside a home or office up to 200 as polluted as the air outside. Using green cleaning products can get you a clean offie that is much more healthy to work in and visit.

Dirty offices are sick offices. Employee absenteeism in the United States costs their employers about $225.8 billion every year in lost productivity. You can cut down on that by keeping your office space clean and germ free.