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If you have a lot of shipping to to, there are many factors that go into deciding just how your are going to ship your cargo. The two main methods of shipping are American air cargo and sea freight shipping. But how does one choose between these two methods? Below we’ll outline the different factors to consider, and how these two methods compare.

  1. Cost – It’s important to take into account that each of these methods of shipping charge for international shipping differently. Air freight is billed by what is called “chargeable weight,” which is calculated using a combination of the shipment’s weight and size. Shipping carrier charge per container. This means that shipping by sea is much better for larger and heavier shipments, while smaller shipments are more even across the board, or even less expensive to ship by air.
  2. Time – Air shipping is unquestionably faster than sea freight shipping, so it’s all a matter of what you’re shipping, and how quickly you want it to reach its destination. Time is money in the business world, so it’s most likely that you’ll want your shipment to get there as soon as possible. But if you’re shipping your belongings across the world for a move, you might want some time to prepare for the arrival of your shipment.
  3. Reliability – Reliability is important in American cargo shipping, but not always guaranteed. Though air freight has been around for a much shorter time than sea freight shipping, it is much more reliable. This is because plane scheduling goes by the day, whereas ocean liners tend to have weekly schedules. Weather and other such unpredictable conditions impact air and ocean cargo, but air shipping is much easier to turn around than ocean shipping.
  4. Environmental Impact – Ocean liners are responsible for a much lower level of CO2 emissions than air freight, meaning that air shipping has a much higher carbon footprint than sea freight. However, ocean liners run into problems with oil spills, and disrupting the water ecosystems they pass through.

Air and ocean logistics provide a lot of different factors to consider when choosing how to send your next cargo shipment. Make sure you do your research before making your decision.