Cremation keepsakes

One of the most difficult decisions to make following the death of a loved one who wished to be cremated is what to do with their ashes. Although some choose to immediately scatter ashes, others wish to keep them a bit longer. The choice is up to the wishes of the departed, and if not specified, those left behind. If you do need to hold on to your loved one?s ashes a bit longer or even indefinitely, know that there are many different choices available. Some can honor the spirited of the departed in surprisingly personal, unique ways. The options are virtually endless.

1. An Ashes Pendant

Did you know that mourning jewelry has been in existence since the 16th century? Although they didn?t rise to common knowledge until the Victorian Era and the invention of mass production, things like cremation ash jewelry have been around for a long time. An ashes pendant appeals to many due to the fact that it can be customized to suit the memory of the person who passed. They also only use a small fraction of the ashes, with a large amount still left to be either kept in another container or scattered. An ashes pendant can also be attached to any kind of chain, and can be as noticeable or discreet as you wish.

2. A Biodegradable Cremation Urn

It shouldn?t come as a surprise that more and more people wish to ?give back? after death through eco-friendly burial or cremation decisions. In fact, the Green Burial Council reporters that there are over 300 green burial providers in the U.S. today, indicating that ?going green? is an increasing concern. A biodegradable cremation urn is an urn that can be returned to the earth in whatever way you choose ? often through burial ? without negative environmental impact that is associated with the 1 million non-bio-degradable steel caskets buried each year. These urns still function as keepsakes for ashes, but in a different way. Some even incorporate seeds, with a tree growing where the urn was buried.

3. Burial Urns

Although a burial urn is more traditional than the above-mentioned examples, it?s still a way to honor loved ones? wishes for cremation while still maintaining the tradition of burial. While still an ash keepsake, a burial urn can be interred. This gives comfort for some who wish to have their loved one?s remains rest in the same area as the rest of the family, giving a sense of completeness. It?s also become somewhat traditional within certain families. This option combines the advantages of cremation with the ?permanence? of burial, and often helps families with the grieving process.

There?s no right or wrong when it comes to cremation. The decision is deeply personal, and what?s most important to know is that there are options available.