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Taking A Look At Water Use And Water Conservation Throughout The US

From well drilling to water filtration system, the world of water is perhaps a more vast one than many people realize. And most people don’t know that you often have choices when it comes to water that you drink, even if they are only small ones.

For instance, public water systems and private water systems are both available in the United States. In the state of New Hampshire, for instance, public water systems are by and large the most common, providing water to very nearly sixty five percent of the entire population (sixty four percent, to be more exact). With so many people drinking from public water supplies, there are now more than two thousand and four hundred public water systems in just the small state of New Hampshire alone, as well as sixty surface water supplies that funnel into this system.

But public water systems, though they make up the water supply for the majority of people throughout the State of New Hampshire, do not represent the entirety of the country. N