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Wire Crimping Made Easy

Today’s electronics devices and systems use a lot of wires, despite the growth of wireless technology (phone cords, for example, are long gone, as well as some headset wires). Bigger systems, such as an airplane or car’s engines and electronics, or he heating and cooling systems and electrical wires of a house, require cables and wires to function, and sometimes, the right tools are needed to get everything back in working order, or to install something new. A hand crimp tool can handle a cable or wire whenever needed, and wiring work can be made easy.

Wires on Earth and Space

Much of today’s marvels can only happen thanks to advanced electronics and the wires inside them. Without hand crimp tools, electrical tape, and more, these systems would fall apart into disuse. Global communication relies on orbiting satellites, and those satellites have wires that needed proper care before the device was launched into orbit. Ever since 1945, Arthur C. Clarke conceived of orbiting