Public relations can be a tricky subject for smaller businesses. It is often difficult to determine what to do and how to handle certain situations. Yet, it also represents a large opportunity. Most smaller businesses do not see public relations as being necessary. However, it is great for customer retention and even marketing.

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In fact, some studies have shown that great public relations is more cost efficient than traditional advertising. This is why you should consider hiring a PR firm to assist you with your public relations. In this video, you will learn about some of the characteristics to look for in a PR specialist.

A public relations specialist needs to have excellent written and verbal communication skills. They will be the first impression to many on behalf of the company. It is important that they can get their messages across with clarity, in the right tone, and in a professional manner.

A public relations specialist also needs to be able to work well under pressure. A PR job can be demanding. At times, there can be more work than one person can handle. Therefore, time management is another great skill to have. It is also a plus if the PR specialist can delegate some work to others as well.