What is an employment agency, and how do they work? This video answers those questions, including how you can spot a real one from a scam. An employment/temp agency is a company contracted to hire staff on behalf of other companies. Their job is to find and match capable individuals with the opportunities available within the companies that have contracted them.
Individuals looking for jobs can apply to these agencies in much the same way as they would to any other company.

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One key thing to note is that even though an employee will report to work at the company they are in, their employer is actually the temp agency. As such, their salary and benefits will be paid by the employment agency.

After an employee has completed their term, the employment agency can place them in another job, though this isn’t always guaranteed. Lastly, employment agencies do not charge their temp workers. They are instead paid by the companies that contract them. If they ask for payment for a job placement, they are most likely a scam. Keep an eye out for employment agencies that seem too good to be true.