In the United States, there are many different companies that produce quality materials, or products for American people. These companies pride themselves on their creations, the quality of the creations, and the quantity of the creations. In addition, seeing customers and consumers satisfied makes all the difference. These are just the many commonalities between companies throughout the United States. More specifically, chemical companies who specialize in etching. But, one of the biggest commonality between these chemical companies is the desire for success!

After all, chemical companies which specialize in etching, are contributing to the sheet metal industry- which produces $30 billion in revenue for the United States alone! Also, some of these companies have employees that are considered sheet metal workers, and there were 138,900 sheet metal workers in the United States a few years prior. This number is steadily rising as the years progress.

If you are an employer or employee of a chemical etching company, here are types of metals you should utilize for possible success! Are you ready to thrive?


To begin, the first metal you should consider using for a successful company is aluminum. There are many different types of aluminum. For example, there are 6061 aluminum and 3003 aluminum. We will discuss 6061 aluminum in detail.

While you have worked with metals, you may be asking the question, what is 6061 aluminum? What is it used for? How will 6061 aluminum benefit my company or my work? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because here is some information you should know about 6061 aluminum!

6061 aluminum is part of the combined metals family. You may have another question, what are combined metals? First, pure metals are fixed or permanent in their qualities and mixture. However, metals such as 6061 aluminum is combined- meaning it is mixed with another metal, and so it possesses different elements.

Some people inaccurately assume that a combined metal would be negative for their work, and for their company’s success. But, this is incorrect. When you utilize combined metals, such as 6061 aluminum, you’ll encounter benefits. Here are some of them:

Stronger: The first benefit you’ll encounter as you work with 6061 aluminum is the strength of the metal. Since 6061 aluminum is a combined metal, it is much stronger than pure metals. So, if you’re using 6061 aluminum for your company or for any of your projects, you do not have to worry about your product getting damaged as you work with it. It’s strong enough to handle a lot!

Durability: The next benefit of 6061 aluminum is how durable it is. Again, this goes back to the fact that this type of aluminum is a combined metal. 6061 aluminum is durable, which means that it cannot bend under pressure. It also very flexible and can be manipulated in many different ways. Therefore, this metal is very beneficial to your work and your company, and can lead to get success!

Corrosion: Some pure metals are prone to corrosion when they encounter liquid substances. But, because 6061 aluminum is a combined metal, it does not have the same reaction to liquids as pure metals. Instead, 6061 aluminum does not corrode! If you get this metal exposed to water or unfortunate weather conditions, it is not damaged. This is certainly beneficial.

It is important to note that 6061 aluminum is ideal for uses that require strength, construction, and flexibility. It would be ideal for many chemical companies.

All in all, 6061 aluminum has the potential to provide you with success with your company or your work.

Brass and Copper

Aside from 6061 aluminum, there is also brass and copper. These metals can lead to great success for your company or the work that you accomplish on a daily basis.

Similar to 6061 aluminum, brass and copper are resistant to types of corrosion. So, if your project need to be exposed to water, or are placed outside, it will not rust or change color or form.

In addition, brass and copper are quite aesthetically pleasing. To be more specific, these metals look a bit like gold. Therefore, your projects will look pleasing!