Server rack enclosures

Mere months after releasing its first line of server rack enclosures, Dell has announced two additional server rack cabinets, both part of the turnkey XC Series converged infrastructure line of appliances.

Designed and created in partnership with Nutanix, these cabinets will primarily serve VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) and virtualized server workloads in data centers and workplaces, according to a February 25 Data Center Knowledge article.

According to eWeek, Dell claims its server cabinets offer 50% more server storage than the cabinets offered by its competitors. Additionally, Dell boasts that its server cabinets can be arranged at twice the rack density of other server rack cabinets, in addition to being incrementally scalable and easily deployed.

In addition, the XC630 and XC730xd server cabinets are compatible with Dell’s 13th-generation server hardware, which employ Nutanix’s software. Nutanix’s software is able to handle diverse workloads ranging from virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) and private cloud applications to big data storage and analytics.

Dell is one of the more recent companies to make a foray into the computer server and server cabinet manufacturing industry, which generates an estimated $14 billion in revenue each year. As an increasing number of businesses turn to large-scale servers for data storage, demand for server racks and their enclosures has skyrocketed in recent years. These server rack enclosures aren’t only responsible for storing a company’s servers — they also provide the cooling and air circulation that is needed to keep servers from overheating.

eWeek reports that Dell’s two newest additions to its XC Series will be available on March 3 throughout most continents. Pricing for these server enclosures starts at $32,000 with one year of support, or $38,000 with the traditional three-year support plan.

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