Outdoor led business signs

Are you using the right sign for your business? Visual advertising is your best foot forward when connecting with a potential customer base and a lackluster presentation can mean the difference between roaring success and a lukewarm response. LED signs are easily the most modern option for small and large businesses, combining technology with tried and true methods of communications design for the best possible result. Below are the top five elements that need to be taken into consideration when applying for a new sign, from a proper location to a modern style.

Get Noticed

The most important aspect of a sign is to be noticed as quickly as possible. Studies have shown 35% of people wouldn’t have even discovered a business had it not been for their visible sign — additional studies have shown that either adding or changing a sign will directly improve sales revenue, with larger signs accruing as much as a 7.7% increase. A Best Buy survey saw nearly 20% of its walk-in customers visiting due to its sign alone. Knowing these statistics, how will you take advantage of both casual browsing and repeat visits?

Look Professional

Simply getting a sign isn’t enough, however. What kind of sign are you using? LED signs are increasing in popularity for their stylish and modern appeal, though they are far from the only ones available. Electronic signs come in a variety of different animations and presentations, while an outdoor LED display can be visible even through nighttime or heavy weather conditions. The value of an on-site sign has been found to have the same value as 24 full-page newspaper ads annually. Take into account the digital signs for business before you buy and your brand will thank you in the future.

Remember Location

A sign helps direct nearby customers to your store, promoting convenience before they’ve even steppd through the door. In other words, about as solid a first impression you can stand to get. A survey found 85% of a business’ customers either live or work within a five-mile radius of its location, with another 71% of people often looking at messages on roadside billboards while they’re driving. This applies to both traditional and digital methods, as well, cementing the foundation that connects all visual marketing.

Stay Modern

LED signs are flashy, stylish and, most of all, modern. Estimates expect the year 2019 to bring the LED industry a stunning 53% penetration of the global lighting market, meaning you are establishing your business as far ahead of the curve when you install an LED sign. A recent poll saw 26% of respondents learning about a restaurant they later visited from a billboard they saw while on the open road. Additional studies have shown more than one-third of people will remember an advertisement they saw earlier in the week.

Establishing A Strong Presence

The last thing you want to do is turn off a potential customer with a lackluster effort or ineffective marketing routine. An LED sign company will offer you a plethora of effective options ranging from LED signs to marquee signs, all the better to make sure your business looks competent each day of the week. Over 70% of poll respondents say they make shopping decisions while they’re in the car, while another 60% over the age of 18 say they learned about an event they wanted to attend because of a billboard. Whether it’s a cleverly placed LED sign or a roadside billboard, you can only stand to become more memorable.