So, what business signage ideas have you been brewing up for your company? If you haven’t thought about them lately, there’s no better time to start. Any business, big or small, will fall quickly to the wayside into obscurity without an effective and thoughtful modern marketing campaign. Not only are they necessary to redirect your customers to your physical shop or website of choice, their combination of location and design help cultivate a consistent image in the mind of your would-be customers. In this age of paper and print and digital panache, your signs (or lack thereof) can literally make or break your bank. Look no further than the next few paragraphs to learn about business signage design, custom banners and common marketing trends. Your work is only as good as your best foot forward!

American Marketing Facts

Let’s start off with the basics. It’s been found that locations with digital signs average at least 30% more sales than locations using traditional signs — digital would mean something like an animated billboard or online advertisements, while traditional signs use good, old-fashioned paper and ink. A recent survey even saw a whopping 40% of shoppers saying they gravitate to merchants that use digital signs over traditional ones. The global digital signage market is expected to hit over $20 billion in the next few years, which means this industry is ripe for the picking! But customers preferring certain presentations over others can be tricky — what does this mean for your business signage ideas?

Popular Customer Preferences

So, why do customers prefer digital signs over traditional ones? Well, some of that has to do with information being spread in the modern age. Thanks to the advent of the Internet, the average customer is accustomed to spending less time finding what they need and gravitating toward more eye-catching designs and presentations. When it comes to garnering consistent foot traffic, the average person will see your advertisement twice per day (adding up to roughly 60 times per month). Web traffic is very much similar, with banners on various individual and third-party sites increasing your likelihood of being noticed in a crowded marketplace. Digital advertisement has the added bonus of saving you money on once costly methods, such as printing and scanning, and helping you budget more efficiently than ever before.

Maintaining Your Budget

Any business worth their salt has to figure out how to both spend and save money. A redesigned onsite business sign, for example, will cost a mere $0.02 per 1,000 views and is one of the best ways to reach a wide audience. As for your physical business, location is the most vital aspect by a landslide. A survey found half of all new customers saying they were attracted to a business’ on-premise sign, while customers who live within a five mile radius of your shop are more likely to make return trips. Another survey found a stunning 35% of customers admitting they wouldn’t be able to find the business without a physical sign, so contacting a graphic designer and getting these basic business signage ideas down should be high on your priority list.

Creating Business Signs

Creating eye-catching and effective signs takes a combination of technology, artistic direction and good location to execute effectively. Research conducted by OTX, a global consume research firm, found over half of all adults saying they remembered digital signage that ‘caught their attention’. While complex business signage ideas are tempting to use, minimalist and colorful approaches have been found as the most pleasing option for a variety of demographics. The cost of the average physical sign will still depend greatly on the size, material, design and colors used — it could be as low as $8 and as high as $100. The resulting effect on your business, however, can’t be beat in the long run. Whether it’s window lettering or bold commercial real estate signage, a little goes a long way when cultivating and maintaining your customer base!