Purple heart clothing donations

How often to you shop at stores that benefit charities such as The Military Order of the Purple Heart? If you do so often, then you’re probably aware that this charitable organization assists military veterans and their families. This organization also provides services to the blind and focuses on being of benefit to the environment.

In addition to shopping at Purple Heart stores, do you also make used clothing donations to them? If so, then you are among the 15% of people in the United States that do so for these and other organizations.

Were you aware that approximately 45% of the clothing donations that are made can be worn again? Furthermore, nearly 100% of other fabric items, such as household textiles, can be recycled, repurposed, and re-used.

Many people will purchase items of clothing that might need a little mending. If all a shirt needs is a button or two, this is easy to fix. So, too, is adding a new hem on a pair of pants, a dress or a coat.

In other cases, people may purchase scarves, ties, and other fabric items to remake into other garments. Quilters may also use these to create bedding, placemats, and other functional or decorative items.

Whether you shop regularly at Purple Heart charity stores, or make frequent donations, it’s important to remember that both of these activities assist this organization with providing valuable services. When you find a great item or make a donation, do you share this on your favorite social media site? This is a great way to spread the word and encourage other people to participate.

It’s interesting to note that 70% of social media site visitors will participate when encouraged by a friend or family member. So, the next time you start to collect items for a Purple Heart Veterans pick up, be sure to create a post and encourage all of your friends and family members to get involved.

In addition to dropping off donations, you can also contact GreenDrop for a Purple Heart Veterans pick up. There are currently around 30 drop-off locations, and GreenDrop also has mobile trailers that can collect your charitable donations.