Another day, another virus. Technology moves at the speed of light and it can seem all but impossible to catch up.

It’s time for your business to look into different types of managed services. Nowadays it’s not enough to just download an anti-virus program and call it done. Not with new viruses created every day and thousands of dedicated hackers hard at work to swipe your hard-earned money out from right under your nose. New businesses have it especially tough, as they remain one of the most common victims of identity theft. Soon the difference between a successful brand and a struggling future will be the reliable IT management behind-the-scenes.

Here are five things you should know about IT support companies and the benefits they can offer your business in 2018 and beyond.

Did You Know?

You’ll want to brush up on your statistics before looking into different types of managed IT services. Today’s digital world may be more convenient, but it’s also left many businesses open to exploitation by malicious third-parties. Today less than 40% of organizations conduct full-network active vulnerability scans more than once per quarter, which isn’t nearly often enough to reap the full benefits. At best you leave yourself vulnerable down the road…and at worst you’re already being taken advantage of and are none the wiser.

Security Breaches

Little is scarier to a business than a data breach. Your employees’ private information is up for grabs, your customers’ confidence is at risk and you could lose more money than you could make back. The average cost of a data breach reached $3 million since 2014, a staggering 15% increase that could get even higher if you don’t look into cybersecurity companies soon. A recent study on data breaches found nearly 40% of companies of all sizes stating enhanced security to be their biggest reason for hiring an IT service provider.


It’s estimated hundreds of new viruses are introduced every day. How do you keep track of them all? While staying on secure servers and browsing trusted websites helps, it’s not a foolproof method by any means. A single virus can steal your private information, compromise your computers and leave you in a bad position to move forward. Even wasted time can translate into wasted money. A 2015 survey concluded 65% of businesses used an outside IT firm in the last year.


Believe it or not, you can even improve your ROI with reliable IT management. The goal with dependable computer services is to save money and make money, after all. One study surveying companies of all sizes found 60% of respondents citing ROI as their biggest reason for using an MSP. The managed security services market is expected to double by the time 2020 arrives, from an already impressive $17 billion to $33 billion. Keeping your brand safe and your customers faithful are just a few reasons to look into different types of managed services.

Reaching Out To Computer Consultants

It’s time to stop fretting and take the initiative. The biggest barrier to viruses and data breaches affecting your brand is a proactive approach with the aid of different types of managed services. Half of small to medium-sized businesses were victims of cyber attacks within the last year. For 30% of impacted businesses these security breaches caused over eight hours of downtime. On the other hand, computer network maintenance has proven to drastically reduce your risk of virtual contamination and keep you in the clear. Experienced professionals are ready and waiting to point out the weak spots in your business model and buff them out.

Don’t let your business come down with the flu. Beef up your defenses with a managed services model.