It’s important to consider the type of ductwork that will be installed throughout your business. Many business owners are choosing to have spiral or oval ductwork installed in their respective businesses. It’s understandable to wonder why spiral ducts are advantageous. With that in mind, here are four benefits of spiral versus rectangular ducts.

  1. Less Air Leakage

    One problem that business face is the cost of leaking air. Business owners must pay many of the same bills associated with owning a home. Therefore, the cost of air leakage can greatly affect a business. In fact, statistics show that nearly 20 to 30% of all air moving through a typical is home due to leaking or poorly connected ducts. This is a huge risk your business will face after rectangular ductwork is installed.
  2. Perfect for Airflow in Tight Spaces

    It’s understandable to want to avoid expensive construction costs. With that in mind, you’ll want to know that rectangular ducts often require extra working space to install. Experts recommend that you’ll need three additional inches of space when installing rectangular ducts. This could mean having to tear down parts of your workspace. In addition, construction concerns could be invasive for many workers currently in your building.
  3. Often the Lowest Cost Solution

    An important aspect of managing a business is keeping costs as low as possible. Considering that, you’ll be happy to know that oval ductwork is often far less expensive than rectangular ducts. In fact, statistics show that installation costs of spiral ductwork can sometimes be up to 50% less than rectangular ducting.
  4. Fewer Cleaning Costs

    Another part of running a business is keeping up with health and safety regulations. With that in mind, many commercial air systems require regular maintenance and cleaning. If you’re wanting a minimally invasive solution, you’ll want to have oval ductwork installed. The cleaning equipment used to effectively clean oval ductwork is often far less expensive than what you will need to clean rectangular ducts.

To summarize, there are several benefits to having oval instead of rectangular ducts. That being said, you’ll want to choose a reliable duct supplier. In turn, you can rest assured that you’ll have quality materials. Many businesses are preferring oval ductwork to rectangular ducts. If you’re looking for a ductwork solution that is low in terms of both cost and maintenance, consider oval ductwork.