Time To Reconsider Your Shipping Method

LTL Shipping and Truckload Shipping

As online sales increase, modular construction is growing and medical treatments are advancing. But what do all three have in common? The way to get their material to advance and improve. Companies worldwide rely on shipping services to meet their consumers (or patients) needs. However, not all shipments, however, are large shipments these days so companies are using ltl shipping alongside expedited domestic shipping services.

Less than truckload freight shipping (LTL) is used for transporting smaller freight that doesn’t require the use of an entire trailer. Both Small and large companies use LTL shipping worldwide. The LTL market is estimated at approximately $35 billion. as eCommerce continues to grow, truckload carriers are improving the way they handle and deliver freight.

Nearly 12 million trucks, rail cars, locomotives, and vessels move goods over the transportation network. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, approximately 5.9 million commercial motor vehicle drivers operate in the United States. In 2013, trucking transported nearly 15 billion tons of cargo. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that by 2040, that number is expected to increase to 18.79 billion tons.

Online Sales Rely On Shipping expedited freight companies

E-commerce is expected to grow at a compounded annual average rate of 10% over the next five years, creating tremendous opportunities for expedited domestic shipping services. U.S. e-commerce revenue is about $423.3 billion and is steadily climbing. Whether it’s full truckload, less-than-truckload (LTL), or parcel, carriers are being forced to adjust to changes in the retail industry.

The three most valuable commodities moved by the U.S. freight transportation system include machinery, electronics, and motorized vehicles. According to the Department of Transportation, the value of freight moved is expected to increase from $882 per ton in 2007 to $1,377 per ton in 2040.

Specialty Freight
Services can include a range of benefits from overweight shipping to trade show shipments. Depending on the carrier you chose, other benefits can include:

  • Expedited freight services
  • Aerospace logistics
  • Expedited international shipping services
  • Machinery transport services
  • Oversize freight

From seasonal good to medicine, companies worldwide rely on shipping services to get the product out. Other Industries That Rely On Expedited Domestic Shipping Services are:

E-commerce Industry
In a world of online retail, expedited shipping can give online stores the advantage of getting more orders and customers. Customers want their products quickly and using a reliable expedited domestic shipping service can ensure your customers get their goods in a timely manner.

Medical Industry
Expedited domestic shipping services handle the shipping of emergency medical supplies, specimens for lab testing, organ transplant, and blood.

Manufacturing Industry
From sheet metal to plywood, companies in the manufacturing industry rely on expedited shipping to get materials to and from. Without expedited shipping, companies can see delays that increase downtime but decrease profit.

Pharmaceutical Industry
having the right medications at the right time is crucial. Expedited shipping provides the pharmaceutical with timely, life or death delivers while making sure they follow the security needs and regulatory requirements that will keep medications at the right temperature.

The Benefits of Using Expedited Domestic Shipping Services

There are many shipping companies that provide many different services. However, services vary depending on the company and what you plan to ship. Some benefits of expedited shipping include:

  • On-time delivery of your shipments
  • Use of software to calculate every possible flight/drive pattern
  • Reliable pick-up services
  • Step-by-step package tracking
  • Driver quickly dispatched to pick up your shipment
  • 24/7 efficiency

Order delivery is crucial to many industries like retail, medical and pharmaceutical. If you or your company is working with carriers and couriers, the products should be transported in a timely, safe and efficient manner. This can help manage business costs, decrease downtime and increase profit. Although expedited domestic shipping services are a component of “other” shipping services, the use of air freight is primarily for expedited shipping.