Food is crucial for the survival of the human species (as well as practically every other species in existence on the planet earth) and the production of food – as well as its delivery – is essential to the comfort that the vast majority of people now live in. And from DSD software to the benefits of direct store delivery system, there are many ways in which food solutions are growing and improving in the years that have passed and in the years that are to come.

And these improvements like the widespread implementation of DSD software are much needed, as the food industry continues to grow and grow. In fact, the food manufacturing industry in the United States alone has as many as seven hundred and fifty establishments all throughout the entirety of the country. The food industry around the world has even been found to make up as much as ten percent of the gross domestic product and the specialty food industry in particular has also increased dramatically – at least in the United States, where it has risen by as much as fifteen percent between the short two years of 2014 and and 2016 alone. As a result, the total sale of specialty food products in the United States has now exceeded one hundred and twenty five billion dollars – and is only anticipated to keep rising in the years that are to come.

The market for fresh food is also a crucial part of the overall food market in the United States, drawing in as many as seventy five metric tons of volume in just the year of 2017. By the time we reach the end of the year of 2018, this volume is expected to reach a high of seventy six metric tons, showing a considerable increase from the previous year for sure. But the demand for wider selections of fresh produce is growing, with more than sixty percent of all shoppers in the United States stating that they wished their produce sections would stock more produce from local areas on a more regular basis.

In order to make this a reality, the use of mobile inventory management systems such as the implementation of DSD software will become more necessary than ever before. DSD software and grocery store inventory software can help to keep track of every good that is stocked in any given grocery store. Not only can this help to prevent theft and loss of profit, but the use of DSD software can also help to insure that as much produce as possible is sold and that the produce that is brought in does not spoil before it makes its way to the shelves and, by extension, to the general public. For this reason and more, DSD software has become crucial in many places where food products are sold and food traceability software such as DSD software can even help to make sure that food deliveries – particularly produce deliveries – are more on time and punctual than ever before in the history of grocery stores and produce delivery in the United States. Because of these reasons, food inventory management software such as DSD software should not be overlooked or discounted as unessential or not important, as DSD software is, in the vast majority of cases, truly anything but.

And while it is important that produce stays fresh in the store, keeping produce fresh in your own home is important as well. Fortunately, there are steps that you as the typical home owner can take to keep your food in good shape for as long as possible. For instance, it is important to know that perishable foods should not be left out for more than one hour when you are eating outside during the summer months (or in any temperature that has reached over ninety degrees Fahrenheit). You should also keep most of your perishable good refrigerated, as this can help to preserve them for longer than if they were left out at room temperature after purchase.