Shredding services tucson

Did you know that shredding protects the environment? It?s true: for every ton of paper shredded, 17 trees are saved, along with over 4,000 gallons of water, 4.2 MWh of electricity and 2.42 cubic meters of landfill space. In addition, approximately 80 percent of paper mills in the United States can process recycled paper and reproduce more paper products. Eco-friendly shredding services take further measures to ensure that they are using methods that minimize the use of natural resources. For companies that want to improve their relationship with the environment and their ecological track record, employing eco-friendly shredding services are a good step.
Aside from environmental concerns, though, there are many reasons to use a trusted shredding service; here are six benefits of hiring experts to handle shredding documents:
1. Document shredding helps keep the office or workspace clean and organized. Rather than piles of loose papers stacked everywhere, or overflowing rows of file cabinets, your work space looks tidy and has space for collaborative areas and inviting decor.
2. There are laws about certain type of information, privacy and confidentiality. Trusted shredding services help to keep a company compliant with state and federal regulations regarding the handling and destruction of sensitive or personal information.
3. Customer satisfaction is, in some cases, dependent on the clients? trust that their information has been destroyed the right way.
4. Using a document shredding service saves time for your organization. Surveys show that small businesses that do their own shredding spend an average of fifteen minutes of staff time daily on the task. Most offices have small shredders that can manage small stacks of documents, while document shredding companies have more and bigger equipment.
5. Third-party shredding services use specialized equipment that many small businesses can neither afford nor store. For example, most office shredders only cut documents in one direction, creating strips. Professional paper shredding cuts in two directions, known as cross cut shredding. This is more secure than strip cutting.
6. Professional shredding companies can provide proof of proper destruction of documents, as well as chain of care documentation. Not all companies need this level of security or attention to legal procedures, but those that do are best served by trusted shredding services.
Shredding your office documents protects your company, makes your work space more productive, and ensures that eco-friendly shredding services are able to recycle and reuse the waste. It should be part of the guidelines and best practices for any responsible company.