Resealable packaging

All around the world, millions of different companies looking to sell their products to the billions of consumers that are looking to spend. With so many products being offered by so many different businesses, it can be hard to make your brand stand out. This is why companies use packaging to lure consumers in to try their product. These days, more and more businesses are making the switch to a new type of packaging that uses ?flexible? materials. Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider jumping on the flexible packaging bandwagon.


One of the best features provided by flexible packaging material suppliers is the ease of transportation. Flexible packaging materials are able to be molded into different shapes, and take up much more space compared to traditional rigid packaging materials. For example, it takes 26 tuckloads of glass jars to transport the same amount of product as one truckload of a flexible container packaging design. When a company switches to flexible packaging solutions, they are more than likely to find a substantial decrease in transportation costs.

Lower Production Costs

Flexible materials are easily manipulated, making it easier to cut down the amount of material used for each package. This translate to an overall reduction of 40%, according to a recent study. Plastic, in particular, is a very cheap and versatile material that can be fitted to form to avoid any unnecessary waste of material.

Sustainable Packaging

In addition to a decrease in cost, the reduced material usage also helps to protect the local environment. In addition to the need for less materials, flexible packaging materials are also known to create less overall production waste. According to Fres-co, flexible packaging creates 50% less waste than rigid materials, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Flexible packaging is one of the most customizable forms of container packaging, and can be used for just about any industry. Flexible packaging material suppliers can tailor your custom packaging to your needs, and are able to make package of virtually any shape and size. A well designed packaging that uses flexible materials will no doubt gain an edge over the competition.