Trenchless pipe restoration

To say that the real estate market has recovered since the Great Recession in truly an understatement. Nationwide, the real estate isn’t just getting by, it’s thriving in some areas of the country, especially emerging cultural metropolitan areas such as Austin and Dallas, Texas.

In these areas of the country, as with others, condominiums are becoming a hot ticket residential real estate item, especially among young millenials. In fact, developers are struggling to keep with the demand of condominiums and townhouses and are racing to erect them as quickly — and sustainably — as possible.

Thanks to the great success of the residential real estate market, especially in the condominium and townhouse sector, other industries are now thriving as well. For example, remodeling contractors have experienced a surge in business — also because homeowners are choosing to improve rather than move in order to improve the equity of their homes — and plumbing companies have seen significant growth.

As fast as condominiums and townhouses are being built, older condominiums and townhouses are in need of remodeling and repair. In addition to pipe inspect, sewer line cleaning, sewer line repair, and water line repair, trenchless repair for condominiums is perhaps one of the most common repairs performed by commercial plumbing companies and contractors.

Trenchless repair for condominiums and townhouses is an innovative repair technique in which it is unnecessary excavate the existing sewer line. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits to this technique is that no digging is required in most cases, and those cases which do require digging only require a small, minimally invasive amount The contractor only needs to make a small hole to the access pipe.

Though trenchless sewer repair for condominiums and townhouses may costs 30 to 50% more than traditional digging methods in some cases, it can still be just as — if not more — cost effective in that thousands can be saved on restorative work.

Trenchless sewer repair technology and its methods and techniques have existed for nearly 15 years, a survey revealed that 78% of Angie’s List respondents had not heard of “no dig” technology. However, as the both the commercial and residential real estate market continues to boom with businesses expanding, home owners improving their existing properties, and rise of condominium and townhouse purchases, more and more business owners and townhouses are becoming familiar with this cost, time, and labor-saving method.