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It’s no secret that custom product labeling can effectively establish your brand and increase revenue. A recent survey showed that 84% of individuals who received promotional gifts from companies that included packaging labels retained the company’s name.
But why does this happen? And how? Many of the answers lay in human perception, and the emotions that are triggered when a consumers looks at a custom product label. Effective branding via packaging labels appeals to our emotions, and ultimately makes us feel connected to the product itself. A large part of this can be attributed to color psychology. Color psychology works by triggering our emotions; specifically, different emotions trigger different feelings for a customer. By employing color psychology marketing tactics with your packaging labels, you’ll be able to effectively appeal to your consumers’ pathos, driving your sales up.

According to researchers, the color blue puts people at ease. Being such a likable color, blue evokes feeling of reassurance, trust, and loyalty. Many financial companies such as banks use blue in their commercial labels as a means of instilling trust and loyalty in their clients.

The color black is associated with high status and sophistication. This color is often used pn custom product labels in the fashion and cosmetic world, and indicates luxury and fine quality.

Like blue, lighter shades of pink can induce feelings of calm. In fact, according to scientists, light pink can have bodily effects of physical relaxation, as it is believed to soothe muscles and slow down the endocrine system.

Yellow is a color that is said to increase energy and stimulate appetite within an individual. This is a color that is commonly used in food packaging labels and fast food restaurants? Do any particular golden arches come to mind?

The color white is a color of simplicity and purity–and it evokes such feelings in a consumer. Simplicity in marketing is appealing because it makes the consumer feel that a company is honest and has nothing to hide.

With the color green, the human mind reacts quite literally. Green is psychologically associated with the environment, and therefore signals an “eco-friendly” vibe to consumers.

Being aware of color psychology will enable you to more smartly go about logo design and branding for your company. But watch out for the color red! Experts say that the color red signals danger, and will often discourage customers from buying your product. Continue reading here.