Concrete companies will often batch their orders. This means that they’ll order the exact amount of concrete they need for a particular job and then deliver it to the site so that their workers can pour it all at once. This can be an efficient way for them to work because it cuts down on the amount of time on the road between jobs.

Video Source

Batching keeps them from worrying about scheduling concrete delivery dates around other projects or clients’ needs—they get whatever they need when they need it without keeping track of multiple orders. Watch the video below to get more insight. The process goes something like this:

  • Concrete is poured into a truck and taken to a job site.
  • A mixer on wheels mixes up all the ingredients that go into making concrete.
  • The mixer is then loaded onto a truck and taken to another job site. It will be unloaded and used again for another concrete batch at the site.
  • Another truck is loaded up with cement, water, and other materials needed for another batch of concrete (aggregates), which will then be returned to the same mixer used before! Call home for more details!