An arrest can be traumatic, but a conviction can ruin a person’s life. As a result, most people wonder if their criminal defense lawyers can get their criminal cases dismissed. According to the narrator, criminal defense attorneys get cases dismissed all the time. Therefore, how can a criminal defense attorney get their client’s criminal case dismissed?

According to the narrator, one of the ways to get a criminal case dismissed is a trial, albeit this is the most challenging way.

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Why? Because in a trial, there is either a 12-person or 6-person jury, and determining their decision is difficult.

Fourth amendment violations are the second way a criminal case can be dismissed. The fourth amendment protects all citizens against unlawful search and seizure by all law enforcement personnel. Therefore, if a criminal lawyer can prove that their client’s fourth amendment rights were infringed upon, their criminal case can be dismissed.

The lack of sufficient evidence is the third way a criminal case can be dismissed. If a lawyer can prove to the jury that the evidence against their client is scarce, their case can be dismissed.

The fourth way a criminal case can be dismissed is coerced confession. If the police force the person being charged to admit to a crime, their charges could be dropped.