Alternative power companies

We all wait for it every year the day when you can leave the house without wearing a jacket or a sweater, but before we know those warm comfortable days turn into sweat and miserable nights. With warmer weather upon us it’s time to consider how to keep your home cool. During the summer the majority of your costs from energy companies will constitute cooling your home. Luckily several homeowners are finding alternatives to using traditional power suppliers, including solar energy, energy efficient landscaping and good old common sense.

Small Changes can Have a Big Impact on Your Energy Bill

By exercising some common sense you can save on your electric bill. According to a survey conducted by several power companies, the most common cause of wasted energy in the home is leaving the lights on. The fix for this is obvious, make sure to turn lights off when they are not in use. Another energy stealing culprit is the hot water heater. While a nice hot steamy shower may seem appealing during the colder months, it loses its appeal as the mercury continues to rise during the summer. To save money, turn down your water heater during the summer months, it can save you money at the end of the month.

Your Landscaping can Minimize Your Reliance on Power Suppliers

This summer think about how mother nature can save you money. By adding shade trees and other types of foliage around your home you can significantly reduce your electricity bill. Tress blocks the suns rays from hitting your house while also recycling carbon dioxide in the air. The best part about adding trees and hedges is that they not only work during the warm months to block sunlight, but work as windbreaks in the winter as well. Trees can stop chilly winds from licking away heat from your home’s exterior, thus increasing your home’s insulation. Investing in a couple of trees and shrubs can go a long way towards a energy efficient and comfortable home, year round.

Alternative Energy Sources Mean Lower Bills From Power Suppliers

Many Americans are finding that solar energy is helping to reduce their dependence on energy suppliers. With the long days and the strong sun, the summer time is perfect for solar energy. By installing a solar energy panel you can roll back a significant portion of your electric bill. Despite objections from solar energy’s naysayers, it is a reliable energy source especially when used in tandem with your electric company. Most solar energy systems require only minor maintenance and when properly maintained can last up to twenty years. Although the initial startup cost might be a bit more than the other methods, it can save thousands of dollars in energy costs per year.

There are several other ways to reduce your energy bill. Many energy companies have information and programs to help those in need.