Audio-based intrusion detection system

It was a hot morning, and for this reason you had made several trips outside to watch the newly planted flowers in the front yard bed. The watering tasks took you just far enough into the yard that you remember noticing that the neighbor’s garage door was open. You remember thinking that it was an awfully hot morning for your neighbor to be out mowing.
Without thinking much more, you went back in the house. Three or four hours later, when you were running out to get something for lunch, you noticed that the neighbor’s garage door was still open. After taking a closer look you realized that neither of the two cars were in the garage. Pulling into the driveway for a closer look, you realized that when the door was open earlier in the morning it was not because someone was mowing, the door was open because it was forgotten. A few phone calls later, you were able to find out that the husband was out of town and the wife had left for an early morning tennis match.
Because you already had their garage code, you were able to shut the door. Later in the afternoon when the neighbor finished her tennis event she called to thank you. She confessed that she would have been scared to death to come home that night to a garage that had been open all day. Even with the residential security system on, she would have been nervous to enter the house. She indicated that she likely would have called the police to have them check the house before she went inside.
Security Camera Solutions Provide Comfort and Protection
Are you afraid?
When you are at home alone late at night, do you feel safe?
When you are one of only a few people in the office on a late Friday afternoon, do you feel secure?
From workplaces to homes, from churches to government offices, security camera solutions can help workers and residents alike feel safe and secure. If your home or office have a security system that is more than 10 years old you might not have all of the advantages that a newer system could provide. With advancements in digital technology and the ability to remotely access alarm systems and security cameras, for instance, the newest security camera solutions provide many more features than those that would have been installed a decade ago.
In addition to preventing intruders, of course, security camera solutions also provide businesses of all kinds a way to monitor both customers and employees. For most retailers, protection from theft is a major concern that is addressed through high quality surveillance cameras. Consider these facts and figures about the residential and commercial security industry:

  • 10% to 25% of all calls for police are alarm calls.
  • 94% to 98% of alarm activations are false.
  • 14% of businesses has an alarm system.
  • 38 million alarm activations are responded to by police every year.
  • A false alarm requires 20 minutes and two officers to investigate
  • Typically, alarm systems have a delay built in before contacting the monitoring company. Although the delay time can range anywhere from 30 seconds to three minutes, it always serves the same purpose: to give a home or business owner the chance to shut off an alarm in the event of an accidental activation.
  • North American retailers lose up to $45 billion worth of inventory from inventory shrink every year, according to the Global Retail Theft Barometer published by the Center for Retail Research.
  • 38% of this inventory shrink can be attributed to shoplifting; 34.5% is attributed to employee theft.
  • 83% of offenders in a study of convicted burglars indicated that they would seek to determine if an alarm was present before attempting a burglary.
  • 50% of offenders in a study of convicted burglars indicated that they would discontinue the burglary if they discovered an alarm.

Neighbors are a good thing, but they cannot provide all of the protection that you need. It is important to have a good relationship with your residential and commercial neighbors so you can look out for each other. Even the best neighborly relationship, however, is no substitute for the newest and most advanced security camera solutions. Are you ready to protect your property?