Short term office space nyc

The U.S. is home to nearly 28 million small businesses. What counts as a small business? It may be larger than you would expect. The Small Business Association (SBA) defines any organization with less than 500 employees as small. A business can, in fact, consist of only one employee, if one is enterprising enough.

One task that will come up when starting a small business is where to find office space. Many self-employed individuals are enamored with the idea of working directly from home. Many times though, people find that the allure quickly wears off. Home is for relaxing; an office is for working. It is also much easier to get yourself in a professional mindset when you are in a professional office space.

But what can you do when your small business cannot afford to make the jump from your home (or garage)? There are office spaces for rent in just about any city no matter what size they are or where they are located. Luckily for companies that are not financially equipped to sign a long-term lease there are other options. One of those options comes in the form of a temporary office space.

Temporary office spaces have all the necessary office equipment many of us take for granted, such as copiers, printers, and of course computers and land-line telephones. These are appliances that would need to be added to a home office, which are extra costs that would also take up quite a bit of space. Unless you have an extra room or an especially welcoming garage, things could quickly get crowded.

Temporary office space rentals allow a different type of ownership. Instead of a commercial space being rented to just one company, there is a co-working office space between several businesses that make themselves scarce when another business is using that space. It allows for the most efficient use of a space, at a lower rate because the costs are being split among the different businesses. As roughly 80% of the cost of renting a commercial space is the money for the lease and general operations, that is good news for those just getting their business off the ground.