If your business relies on a fleet of forklifts to operate efficiently, you will need access to parts to repair those forklifts. You can work with a mechanic who can order parts for you, but if you want to take on this part of the job yourself, you will have to learn how to purchase OEM forklift parts yourself.

In the video posted on this page, you can learn about buying forklift parts.

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While it may seem like a simple process, there are some things you need to know before contacting a forklift parts dealer. First, you need to know the brand, model, and serial number of the forklift that needs parts. With this information on hand, you will be sure to get parts that will fit your forklift.

You also need to be very clear on which parts you need. While it’s best to know the names of the parts you need, some parts vendors are willing to work with buyers who have clear descriptions of the parts they need. This is especially the case for exterior parts like forks and masts.

If you have any questions about OEM forklift parts, feel free to reach out to a forklift parts dealer before you make your purchase. They can tell you more about the information they need from you.