Watch this video to learn how to get better quotes from truck insurance companies. Getting a good truck insurance deal may be difficult if you don’t know what to look for and which truck insurance companies with the best deals. You can follow these simple tips to get better quotes from truck insurance companies.

You must start with getting a Motor Vehicle Report, famously known as MVR.

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Ensure the MVR is between 30-60 days.
You must then bring the MVR to the table when meeting the underwriter to help the underwriter eliminate unnecessary back and forth. This gets you more legitimate quotes.

The third step is to consolidate phone calls. You can do this by comparing quotes from at least three separate agents using a quote form with the same information for all agents.

Finally, you must learn about insurance beforehand to know what works for you. Trucking insurance varies greatly yet dictates what the company can do and your business decisions. The regulations differ even for truck insurance companies with the same name under different jurisdictions. For example, truck insurance companies in South Carolina will vary in operations from those in North Carolina even if they share the same name.