Job interviews can be intimidating, so preparing for a job interview is a crucial part of your job search. Job preparation involves writing up a good resume, researching potential employers, and preparing for interviews. The attached video provides important tips for prepping for an interview.

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Interviews begin when you walk into the building. Good body language, straight posture, and eye contact are essential. Treat everyone you meet with respect and maintain eye contact. Take deep breaths to calm yourself.

Greet your interviewer using their name and extend a solid handshake. Be aware of current events to engage in small talk. Common interview questions like ‘why do you want to work here’ will come up, so practice answering those in your job preparation. It’s okay to pause and think. Be honest and also refer to past experiences. Never criticize your former employers.

Note your body language and movement. You can also mimic your interviewer’s movements. Ensure to have a list of questions for your interviewer. Within 24 hours, write and send a thank you email.

These tips will ensure you are well-prepared for your interviews. Make sure you do all the necessary job preparation beforehand to ace such interviews.