In a rapidly changing environment as we live in today, how we work changes in a matter of months. There are new and faster ways to accomplish our goals. Unfortunately, companies are slow to adopt new skills and technologies since it is expensive to keep training their employees. The video shows how enterprises can get skilled staff using additional staff augmentation. It involves working with external companies that can keep up with technological changes to support various work projects.

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Staff augmentation is a cheap way for businesses to acquire new working methods and additional staff without training or employing new people immediately. Some companies provide human resources as a service to other enterprises. A business identifies its deficiency, and the augmentation company provides people for a specific period or project with the missing skills. Often, augmented staff work remotely.

Staff augmentation ensures that a company can use the latest technology when needed. It ensures the organization can keep up with the competition and continue to release products to the market. It provides an affordable avenue to acquire new skills to keep the business growing and profitable. It also allows for new ideas and changes in the product.