Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging for foods and beverages is an idea whose the has come. Plastic packaging companies now offer a highly efficient, cost-effective, versatile and sustainable alternative to glass and rigid plastics. Flexible plastic packaging for food and beverages prevents contamination and spoilage. It is lightweight, which translates into lower transportation costs. Less plastic is used to produce flexible packaging, which means lower production costs and less waste. With all these advantages, innovative plastic packaging is increasingly being used for a variety of products, including pet food packaging, cheese and meats, and everyday household items like detergents, wine and engine oil.

Flexible plastic packaging is specially suitable for packaging food and beverages

Flexible packaging for food protects the contents from contamination and keeps them fresh. Pouch packaging is easily resealable and this reduces waste. It is estimated that a single pound of plastic packaging can save up to 1.7 pounds of food from being wasted. Flexible plastics are also a great option for beverage packaging.

Benefits of using flexible plastic packaging

Flexible plastic packaging is way lighter than rigid plastics or glass. For example, consider the fact that just 1.5 pounds of flexible plastic can be used to hold about 10 gallons of a liquid. Less waste in production means lower costs. Lighter packaging means lower fuel costs for transportation.

Flexible plastic packaging helps the environment

Flexible packaging companies promote sustainability by using recycled materials and promoting recycling of used products. Research shows that by 2011, 94% of Americans had access to recycling facilities for plastic bottles. And 40 % have access to recycling facilities for other types of plastic containers, like yogurt cups, dairy tubs, and lids.

Flexible plastic packaging is versatile

Flexible packaging suppliers use digital printing, which gives them the ability to produce small scale jobs as well as large 10-color HD projects. With the flexibility to respond to customer needs in terms of size and design, and with consistently short lead times, plastic packaging companies offer benefits along all stages of the supply chain.