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Did you know that the first street sweeping machine was invented in 1849? Centuries ago, people would have never imagined that streets could be as clean as they are today; it was simply impossible to maintain. Today, street sweeping is important not only for aesthetic ones, but functionality as well. Debris left to accumulate in the road can block stormwater drain areas, which then causes roads to flood during heavy rains. It can also lead to health hazards as debris serves as breeding grounds for bacteria and rodents.

If you own a business, you may not have given much thought to your parking lot. In fact, it might be the actual last thing on your mind right now. But you should be seriously taking into consideration the difference parking lot sweeping can make for your business. Let?s review.

Parking Lot Cleaners Help Improve Your Reputation

If your storefront was filled with dust, trash and other debris, your customers probably wouldn?t trust you much, and your company would gain a reputation for being generally ?dirty.? By hiring parking lot cleaning services, you can ensure that your consumers have a great experience from the moment they step outside their car door. And they won?t have to kick five soda bottles out of the way just to reach you.

Better for the Environment

Are you looking for a way to advertise that your company is down with the ?green? movement? Then sweeper trucks might be the way to go. It?s estimated that parking space related pollution has a cost of up to $20 billion each year in health and environmental related problems. Everything from pesticides used on plants, to oil and grease from sitting cars can accumulate in a parking lot and eventually enter the local groundwater. Cleaning up these contaminants can prevent them from integrating into the environment and having negative effects on both humans and the world.

Just Makes Sense

Upkeep of your property is simply an important part of owning a business. If you?re not ready to invest in parking lot sweeping, then maybe you need to give up your dream of being your own boss and go back to being a pencil pusher. Why care about quality when it costs money? The answer is: your business is a reflection of you. And your business?s environment is a reflection of the quality of services and products you provide to people. So don?t make the mistake of giving a lasting first impression that isn?t a good one!

The street sweeping industry is worth $283 million. This is because people — especially businesses across the U.S. — find it to be a valuable service and continue to invest. Will you be opting in for parking lot sweeping for 2016? Let us know your thoughts.