Tile floor cleaning machines

Keeping any warehouse, commercial space, or showroom clean and tidy is the key to keeping your floors safe and your employees at a lower risk for injuries. Even the best trained employees are not exempt from injuries, as 70% of accidents occur by the best trained employees. In fact, according to the Department of Labor, most warehouse accidents are slips, falls, or trips, and they contribute to about 15% of the yearly accidental deaths in the United States. In 2011 alone, there were over 5.5 accidental injuries reported in workplaces for every 100 reported full time warehouse associates.

Workplace safety is a serious issue. Anyone can injure themselves on a dirty floor, but keeping workplaces clean is imperative to keeping employees safe. One of the best ways to do this is by investing in a commercial cleaning company offering floor scrubber rentals. Floor scrubber rentals are a great way to keep warehouses clean and free of dirt and debris that can cause mechanical issues, slips, trips, and other injuries. Here are 5 reasons why your company should start investing in floor scrubber rentals and other commercial cleaning resources that even expand beyond safety:

1. Renting Can be Better Than Buying – Renting industrial floor sweepers and equipment is often preferable to employers who do not want to maintain equipment and repairs. Renting is quick, inexpensive, and often easier than purchasing used floor scrubbers that run the risk of breaking down.

2. Floor Cleaning Machines Keep Floors Safer – A clear walkway is the first step you should be taking to ensure your employees are safe and do not trip while working. Caked on dirt and other debris can cause walking hazards which lead to injuries, and dust on the floor can float into machines, damaging them or making them dangerous.

3. Floor Scrubber Rentals Increase the Life of Your Floor – The last thing your company wants to think about is repairing your concrete flooring surface. Taking care of your flooring will ensure it stands up and lasts longer. Cleaning and scrubbing away grime is an essential part of taking care of this investment.

4. Your Company Will Look Better – If you are trying to land a new deal, have visitors stopping by, or simply pride your company on its professionalism, your clean floors will leave a positive, lasting impression on all who encounter them.

5. Your Employees Will Trust You – Taking care of your floors with floor scrubber rentals may seem like a small action, but it actually shows your employees that you care about them, their safety, and their workplace. This instills an important level of trust that can make them more productive and less likely to leave their jobs later down the line.

Every company should have a trusted floor scrubber rental
company on hand to help them better manage the cleaning and maintenance of their floors. Clean floors can help with safety, employee productively, maintain your floor’s life, and improve your overall professional image.