Electric business signs

A long car ride can be quite the journey. Traveling for miles on the interstate through unfamiliar states can be both exciting and confusing. Searching for signs to indicate where your next stop for gasoline or food might be, it can be difficult to focus on the travel directions at the same time. It should come as no surprise then that the largest sign often attracts the most visitors. In fact, even the youngest children can pick out their favorite signs from the horizon and call out their vote from the back seat!
Whether they are signs for government offices or marquee signs for schools, these indicators provide needed guidance and assistance. In fact, in many instances like signs for government offices and public schools, specific regulations indicate what kinds of signage needs to be used. The specifications include everything from mandating the size of the sign, the location of the sign, and where the American Disabilities Act Braille markers need to be used.
And while some signage is mandated by government agencies, many other signs are simply for commercial use. In either case, research indicates that signs matter:

  • 35% of consumers indicate they would not have found a business if it did not have a sign.
  • Marketing research indicates that the value of an on-site sign is equivalent to 24 full page newspaper ads a year.
  • 58% of consumers indicate that they visited a restaurant based on an ad they saw on a billboard at an earlier time.
  • 17% of the customers who walk into Best Buy indicate that they did so because of the sign.
  • 58% of consumers 18 years or older who responded to a survey indicated that they learned about an event they were interested in from a billboard.
  • 71% of consumers indicate that they look at outdoor billboards.

Even in a day when in car directional systems and cell phone mapping devices, without a sign, businesses can go unnoticed. While the directions may lead a driver to a location, a sign is the final indicator that brings a consumer into a business. You may, for example, get off the interstate following your phone’s directions to a particular destination, but struggle to find the location if it does not have a prominent sign. A well placed scrolling marquee sign for a similar business, however, may catch your eye and cause you to detour. In fact, outdoor LED business signs not only attract customers, many of the newest models also reduce energy costs.
What is your business doing to capture the attention of your future customers? Whether you are looking for signs for government buildings or searching for the best full color LED signs, make sure that your choice helps you get noticed.