Not many people know how to service a sewing machine, but the video below provides excellent insights on how to do so. Depending on the sewing machine’s problem, one may need to hire the services of a seamstress service provider to fix it. Servicing a sewing machine involves using different tools, such as screwdrivers in various sizes.

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These are available in various sewing machine repair and fabric stores. Seamstress service providers will also need a towel or rag and a knitting needle. Sewing machine lubricant is also crucial for servicing a sewing machine. Tweezers and brushes also play a critical role in this process. Individuals can use old paint or makeup brushes. However, they can also buy cleaning brushes specially made for the machine.

An old toothbrush may also come in handy. Remove the bobbin and bobbin case, thread pools, and the sewing needle to service the machine. Remove screws from the top part of the sewing machine. Some machines have three screws, others have fewer or more, and others have a removable lid. The seamstress service provider then removes the sewing machine’s top cover. Some machines feature a metal bracket beneath that secures the lid. The service provider may need to push the lid forward or backward to get hold of the bracket and unhook it. Once the machine is open, the next step involves cleaning and oiling it. Be gentle while executing these tasks to avoid damaging the machine.