In 1838, die casting equipment was invented for the printing industry to create moveable type. As a result of this, it was much easier and faster to print books, pamphlets, newspapers and other materials. Even though the printing industry has changed considerably over the years, die casting continues to be used extensively. In fact, 90% of all manufactured products are produced by using castings.

Both hot and cold-chamber machines are used to manufacture products in various industries. While castings can be made of a variety of metals, zinc and aluminum are the most common. Over 80% of all die cast parts are made from aluminum. Zinc is the second most used metal for die cast parts, and it is actually the easiest metal to cast.

When it comes to recycling, aluminum is considered to be one of the most recycled materials. Almost 75% of the total amount of aluminum ever produced within the United States continues to be recycled and reused. In addition to being a popular metal within the construction industry, it is also used to create automotive parts. When this material is at the end of its usage cycle, over 90% of it is recycled. It’s also important to note that all of the auto industry’s die casting parts are 100% recyclable. This makes the die-casting industry a leader in sustainable business practices.

Due to technological advances in die casting, auto manufacturers are able to construct cleaner, safer, and more efficient cars. The metal casting industry actually supplies a minimum of 100 castings for all of the light-weight vehicles produced here in the United States.

If your business would like to know the aluminum or zinc die casting price, a die cast manufacturer will be able to discuss this with you. The zinc die casting price will depend on a number of factors, so it’s important to take this into consideration. Furthermore, it’s important to note that there aren’t any limitations on the size of the job. When you contact a zinc die casting supplier, they will be able to determine the best way to manufacture your product.