Outdoor led business signs

Signs do many things. They let people know the exact location of your business, what it stands for and even whether they should trust it. For schools and churches, changeable LED signs are an excellent way to stay in touch with the community, and to keep them informed of what’s going on. LED signs on a school marquee can publicize the upcoming PTA meeting, inform people driving by of school closings due to weather, or just brag about the latest sports win in a polite electronic way. An outdoor LED display lets the world know your news, with a few brief and well chosen words.

LED business signs: let them know you’re here
In a world full of people afflicted with information overload, most customers don’t really have the time to discover hidden gems while wandering the streets in a leisurely fashion. They’ve come to rely on signs to tell them things – where to cross the street, where to drop off the dry cleaning, where to pick up dinner. Even if they really needed your products and services, more than one third or 35% of people wouldn’t known its location if it didn’t have a sign.
Market research has found that the vast majority of customers shop local. As many as 85% of customers live within five miles of the business they frequent. A sign invites passers by to stop in. Even the giant appliance store Best Buy pulls in 17% of its customers because of its sign.

Local customers are people with a purpose, and that is to shop. Adding or changing commercial business signs brings increased revenue, studies find. Revenues can increase by 7.7% by replacing the old sign on the storefront wall with a larger one. In fact store front signs and business LED signs have the same value, in terms of return on investment (ROI) of advertising dollars, as paying to publish 24 full-page ads in the newspapers every year. Electric business signs help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Signs are for communication
A scrolling marquee sign is something people subconsciously look for to give them vital information. Busy parents will always remember to glance at the school marquee sign for important information concerning their kids. Pharmacies can use marquee signs to advertise special deals or events like flu shots. People read much more into signs than the just the words written on them. As many as 68% of customers thought that the quality of the products and services offered by a business can be judged by its sign.
And more than three out of four or 76% of consumers say that when they entered a store or business for the first time, the decision was based only on its signs. Signs not only tell people what a business does, it also tells them whether they are welcome or not. Almost 60% of customers say that they will not enter a store without a sign.

Tell them what they need to know
Whether it’s a church or a school marquee, or business or municipal sign, signs speak to people. Even if they know nothing about a business, customers may recommend it to others based on the signs. Signs and especially LED signs have a disproportionate impact on a business: on its image, revenues and customer relations.
We live in a very contradictory world, with simultaneously too much and too little information. Too much information that may or may not be relevant to us, too little information about what directly concerns us in the immediate here and now. School marquee signs and business signs cut through a lot of the visual verbiage to bring people the precise information they’re looking for. And marketing is all about better communication.

Signs – from school marquees to LED storefront signs – tell people exactly what they need to know. An LED company can advise you on which kind of sign is right for you.