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Millions of people move every single year. From reasons ranging from attending a new university to seeking out a different career path to starting a family, there’s never been a shortage of valid options to pack up your things and seek out your next beloved home. When it comes to moving solutions, most people want companies that can insure their furniture and general belongings are transported safely. It’s difficult enough as it is just finding a place and a relatively affordable transportation option! If you’re one of many people that’s trying to create a new start for yourself, keep reading to learn a little about moving solutions and what you should keep in mind.

How Many People Move?

The United States sees millions of people moving every single year, with some cities and towns far more popular than others. Between 2005 and 2010 there were nearly 16 million people moving out of principal cities, with an estimated 11 million moving in. Despite this, it’s thought nearly 40% of Americans have never left the place in which they were born! The majority of movers prefer to have a few of their extended family members living within an hour’s drive, but will also move if their job requires them to do so.

What Are Common Reasons For Moving?

Some reasons are more compelling than others, as it takes a lot of effort, time and money to essentially relocate your entire life and community in favor of a new one. The most popular reason in recent surveys was seeking out new business opportunities, at 44% of participants, while families generally had their children’s emotional and physical well-being first and foremost in their mind. Even though student loans continue to rise, many young adults still see themselves moving to different cities and towns to attend universities and community colleges.

What Are The Do’s And Don’ts?

Everyone has their own reasons for packing up their things and taking the plunge, so following directly in people’s footsteps can actually be one of the last things you should do. Your personal reasons are just as valid as anyone else’s and will be the necessary motivation you need to craft the ideal location for you and any family members or children. Nearly 25% of recent home buyers said their primary reason for a recent home purchase was just to own a home, with 9% focusing on a job relocation and 8% seeking out a better neighborhood. While it can be tempting to choose the biggest and most popular city, renting prices can be a major deterrent — consider living in a nearby town and commuting or driving instead.

What Moving Solutions Do I Need?

Filling out your checklist for moving will go a long way in circumventing stress and avoiding common pitfalls like losing your belongings or even arriving at the wrong location! First thing you should do is do a background check on the furniture moving services you hire to go from point A to point B, particularly recent customer reviews. Moving services are required to keep your furniture safe and unharmed, but it’s also your responsibility to make sure they’re properly packaged and boxed up! Last, but certainly not least, make sure you have a back-up plan in case you’re unable to meet them at the required date. Things can happen, after all! With moving tips and a little common sense in your back pocket, there’s nothing stopping you from creating a new life for you and yours.