How to lease office space

Whether you are involved with a new or just-getting-growing start-up firm, a small business beginning to stretch at the seams, or even a larger firm that is adding people, there comes a time when you realize that the space you have is no longer adequate. An office, really, should be thought of like any other business tool. When you need a new and better (and bigger) model, well, making a change can make a tremendous difference. In fact, nine out of ten senior officials reported by survey that they clearly saw a connection between increased productivity of their employees and smart workplace design.

From coworking office space to longer-term leases

Office design, according to an international study, has five important components: temperature comfort, furniture quality, level of noise, lighting, and how a space is arranged. The great news is that any person or firm seeking a new and better office space for rent or lease has a range of options. Maybe you are the boss of a one-man shop working out of your basement, but now your need something more professional. A coworking office space could be a great option. For a small-person company, a consideration might be balancing the need for a larger space versus the length of lease. A temporary office space rental might be one way to try out what a larger venue might mean to a team of co-workers. In short, finding office space for your needs at the right price point should not pose much of a problem. Sorting out what an organization absolutely needs in a new office versus what would be nice, however, needs to be thought through.

Think It Through, Get Prepared

A national survey of employees came up with a short top-five list of what workers say are the most important aspects of a workplace. Three of them are clearly connected to office space design. Those three are quality furnishings, providing space to be social, and comfortable heating and cooling. The other two factors? Close by dining and drinking venues and quality coffee rounded out the list. The thoughtful approach to take is to list what you need for your company, look at locations, consider lease and rental options, and research, research, research it all online. When you do pick up a phone to talk dollars and cents about your needs, you will feel (and be) prepared. Whether your company needs a whole floor or just part of a coworking office space, investing the time will be worth it.