Real estate advertising signs

Every business, be they large or independent, needs an effective marketing strategy in order to thrive. In this day and age it’s never been easier to get more eyes on your brand, including but not limited to digital advertisements, vehicle wraps, banner signs and custom designs. Technology doesn’t do all the work, however, and your brand or logo will do a lot better with simple design basics and fundamental knowledge behind it. Below I’ll detail the specifics about business signage and how you can go about creating your own eye-catching banners, as well as useful marketing trends you can take advantage of.

Marketing And Psychology

The foundation of effective marketing is psychology. Everything from color to composition is key in attracting eyes and maintaining attention, no matter what your brand or goal might be. Bright and saturated colors tend to be more engaging than dark ones, while simple compositions are more memorable than cluttered ones. While striking fonts can be tempting, it’s more important in the long run that your logo is easy to read. Like a good painting or a song, keeping these basics in mind will go a long way in creating a strong impression.

Digital Signs And Traditional Signs

A recent survey found that a whopping 40% of shoppers were more likely to purchase from merchants using digital signs than those who did not. Digital signs were also seen as more entertaining than other forms of media, at 48% of recent survey-goers, as well as more unique and engaging. Last, but not least, traditional signs still have the capacity to snag attention as a third of customers will still view a physical ad multiple times if they are in the area.

Customer Preferences And Design

Did you know that the average person will see your sign twice per day? When as many as 35% of customers have a hard time finding businesses without signs, that statistic can make or break your financial model down the road. You should have an on-premise sign if you have an office and a strong graphic design presentation if you do business online. The cost of signs and custom designs depend on the size, scale and content. The money it generates in the long run, though, is worth any cost you can put into it. Look into your local design services and consider customizing vehicle wraps or installing window lettering today.

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