Many times a bankruptcy filing is simple and streamlined. The average Chapter 11 filing has less than 10 million in assets, liabilities, and less than 50 employees, however, some bankruptcy filings are not quite that simple.

Some bankruptcy cases are rife with contract disputes that result in complex civil litigation. Some bankruptcy filings really push the limit of the law. Of course, it is not only with the commercial bankruptcy cases that you can run into snags, consumer credit cases can be just as challenging.

When You Have to Push the Envelope

If your legal team is faced with challenging bankruptcy matters like ones that are rife with corporate investigations, it can really put a chink in your operation. The amount of research time, pulling all the case law that you can to support your position, and dedicating your resources to those activities can be draining. Of course, all it takes is one error to send you back to the drawing board.

In these types of cases it is imperative that you have the right legal minds pulling for you. An experienced team, one that has sat through countless bankruptcy arguments, can be a game-changer for your outcomes.

If you could tap into the expertise of retired judges that presided over challenges in bankruptcy court and get input, how could that shape the outcome? Hundreds of law firms are already doing just that and improving their outcomes.

The Case Law Is Only Part of the Strategy

Quoting case law is only part of what helps you and your client move past obstacles. How you present the matter, your level of knowledge, and how the judge perceives your argument are all part of the winning recipe.

Having the right guidance from start to finish can help you to develop a strategy that is going to get you the best outcome. Being able to tap into the experts that have been there and know what it takes to overcome bankruptcy hurdles is an invaluable tool.

This can be the opportunity you need to get the results that you want. Connecting with the experts that have a handle on how to move those roadblocks out of your way. You have a lot riding on getting it “right”. Get the help that you need to ensure you walk in with confidence and get the results that you need.