Drain cleaning

When we think of a sewer, we think of the dark, dank, odorous underground into which no one would want to venture (except perhaps a few boisterous fighting turtles and their rat leader). But something we should consider when it comes to sewers, is our own home sewer system, and the state in which it is operating. Chances are, if the sewer system in your home is over 40 years old, you will probably be looking at replacing it very soon. And sewer repair can be a tricky thing. First of all, it’s not really a project anyone is going to get too excited about. Digging up the yard to examine or replace old smelly pipes is not ranked very high on anyone’s list. But the right sewer repair contractor could have a better solution for you.

Is there an alternative to digging up my poor lawn?

With the latest advancements in technology, sewer repair doesn’t have to be a nightmare. While many people are still unfamiliar with the process, trenchless pipe repair is growing in popularity for many reasons. The main reason is what a small amount of yard is actually dug up in the process. It begins with a sewer camera inspection, which doesn’t require the earth above the pipes to be tampered with at all. A skilled professional can glean all that he or she needs from the noninvasive exploration.

So the inspecting is done, but now my poor garden will suffer?!

Calm down. Your precious yard and beautiful garden really are going to be just fine. The next part of the process is also noninvasive! Cured in place piping, or CIPP, systems are also made to work within the sewer systems without having to clear all the dirt above the whole pipe. A tube or lining with resin is inserted into the damaged pipe, and then sealed to create a new pipe within the old one. This system not only keeps your yard looking nicer, thus making you feel better, it also feels better on your bank account, as the little amount of damage that needs to be replaced after the process is so minimal and therefore much more cost-effective. The whole process of cured in place piping can take as little as one hour or as many as 30 hours, all depending on factors like the diameter of the pipe and the type of system used for curing the resin. And after saving all that money from not having to reconstruct the yard, you’ll be pleased to know that you also shouldn’t have to be shelling out much for work on the pipes in the near future either, as CIPP systems are constructed to hold up for about 50 years.

Sewer repair doesn’t have to be an ugly, smelly struggle. It can be cheap and beautifully and efficiently done!